Saturday, August 7, 2010

Salt Lake

Since my purpose in keeping this blog is to print it into books and use it as family history/scrapbook, I am also including pictures of when the kids are with their dad. This last week they spent time up in Salt Lake with their dad and his family - here are a few pictures that Frank sent. This one is my favorite - I am guessing they are on their way to church, but I am not sure of that since Abby is going through a stage right now where she has to wear a dress everyday because "I'm a princess Mom, and princesses wear dresses." This is Abby and her cousin Chloe.
My kids love water - so it was no surprise that they talked their dad into taking them swimming. What was the surprise was that Abby went off the diving board upwards of 50 times. The Cedar pool won't let kids in the deep end with floatation devices so Abby can't go off the board here with her floaty suit on. She had a blast at this pool (I think Murray Pool?)!!!

Ethan looked like he enjoyed the snacks :)

I don't know enought to comment on this picture - just the only one with Miles in it.

Here are alot of the cousins - next time they go up north, I am going to request a photo of all the Gilmore cousins. Here are 6 of the 10.

They had a great trip and although I miss them tons - I am glad that they have extended family on Frank's side that love them and want to spend time with them too!

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