Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I got the girls pictures taken today. My sister came with me to help (which is an improvement from last year when it took my mom, my sister and myself just to get the twins pictures taken) - Thanks Britt, I couldn't have done it without your (and your "star powder"). Overall I was pleased with how the pictures turned out - I wish Abby would have let me do her hair, and I wish Paige would have smiled a bit more, and I wish the twins would hold still better, etc. - but I am glad we got as many good shots as we did. Here are some of my favorites...
The one below is my absolute favorite shot of the whole day (it was also the 3rd shot she took - before the twins had a chance to move) Another favorite - I think they are already communicating with each other though - and here they decided that neither one would hold still any more.
Piper was the most photogenic of all of the girls today - usually she is the hardest to get good smiles out of - but she was really cute today.
My favorite of her!

This was my favorite of Paige - wish she were looking at the camera - but a cute smile.
The photographer really did a good job - she had about 1/2 second to take the picture from the time that I set Paige down until she was moving. She was a bit late on this one If Paige wasn't trying to fall off the platform then she was trying to climb up on the props they were using.

Look how cute these bow's are (and no I didn't stage the picture just to get a shot of the bow) - and Paige is even smiling in this shot as well.
Abby turned out to be a bit difficult today - she wanted "princess hair", but when I got out the curling iron she through a fit. Then I tried to put her hair in a cute side ponytail with the bow and she pulled it out. So we resorted to out everyday hair style - but don't be fooled - it took me a whole hour to do her hair.

Abby also insisted on doing her own poses for most of the pictures. Here are some examples...

And last, my favorite of Abby.


banana said...

Where did you get those taken? I need to get some updated pictures of my kids.

Your girls are soooo cute!


Michele Alger said...

DARLING! No better word. :-)