Monday, February 20, 2012


We saw our first snow of the year this weekend - and we all enjoyed it.  Saturday the boys and I ran up to Brian Head for some snowboarding.  This is the second time this season that we have gone up for night skiing -we love their "poor and hungry" deal - it includes the lift pass (from 4 pm to 9 pm), board rental and pizza and a drink for only $25.  The boys are getting to be pretty good snowboarders - they are tons better than their mom and need Uncle Michael to come down again to give them more pointers (Michael - if you are reading this - what are you doing two weeks from now?)  Here are some of my favorite pictures of the trip.  In case you can't tell - Ethan is the one in the green/grey jacket.
Miles is in blue - but you might could recognize him better as the one in the Oregon Duck beanie.
Miles rode the lift by himself most of the time - I was a pretty nervous mom the first few times - but he did great!
Ethan rode with me!
We took a break to warm up with a piece of pizza. 
We all had a great time and even though it got pretty cold on the lift - I couldn't talk the boys into leaving until it closed at 9 pm.

The next morning we woke up to 6 inches of snow outside.  I LOVE SNOW!!!  And Sunday is my favorite day for it to snow - the only driving that we did was 2 blocks to church and back. 

Monday we went sledding - here are some pictures.  Here is Piper and her cheesy grin - with the cutest hat that I have ever seen - her cousin Victor gave her this hat for Christmas (I think his mom might have helped him a bit - thanks Elsa - you are super talented!). 
Paige was the dare devil.  She loved to go "super fast".  She liked riding with Ethan since they went faster together than she did alone.

Abby also had a blast!
Ethan and Miles liked the jumps.
And my favorite picture of the day - aren't they cute?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

28 minutes 15 seconds

Miles ran his first 5K today!!!  Pineview High sponsered a run as a fundraiser to help a cute little girl that has leukemia with medical bills - I signed both of us up.  I thought that by taking Miles with me it would give me an excuse to not run fast - but Miles pushed me the whole way.  He is a pretty tough kid - I was proud of him - we ran the whole way and he even had lots left at the end of the race to outsprint me!  His new goal is to run the "Dogtown" (Washington City) Half Marathon next year - I think he just wants the super cool t-shirt.  Either way though - it is fun to have a running buddy.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Talent Show

The boys' elementary school had a talent show a couple weeks ago.  They were both excited to work on pieces for it.  Miles chose to play an arrangement of "Secrets" by OneRepublic on the cello (he also rapped a song with a few of his classmates).  Ethan played a Sonatina by Benda on the piano.  I was able to get someone to cover a class for me so I could go and hear them - they both did great.  I just got a new camera and was excited to use it.  Turns out that it records video in high definition (which uses tons of memory).  I had recorded both Miles and Ethan's individual pieces, but realized as I started to record his rap number that the memory was filled up.  I knew that he would want that number the most so I deleted the cello solo.  By the time I did this the other number was almost done as well - so Miles wasn't real happy with me at the end of the show:(.  Anyway - we recorded his cello solo here at home - here it is.