Friday, May 23, 2014

Maybe this time?

I have been wanting to start blogging again for a long time - hopefully I will keep at it this time. I was looking through the pictures on my phone today and got a bit overwhelmed with how much I have missed blogging about - I am going to start with today though and maybe (hopefully) I will find time to go back and share more of what we have been up to! Today was the first day of summer here in Washington County - I decided there is no time to waste in tackling the to-do list. Miles helped me fix a few bike tires and remove some training wheels and a couple hours later we have some pro bike riders (and mom has a sore back). Abby was a big helper - she helped one of the twins while I was helping the other and amazingly the only injury on her watch was her own stubbed toe.
Here is Paige with Abby - and yes, she thinks that summer means you have to wear a swimsuit every day. I did try to make her get dressed - I warned her that she would probably want some pants in case she fell, so she went in and put on some tights. Yep - tights - not leggings, tights. Since I have learned that I need to be VERY selective in the battles I pick to fight with this particular child - I didn't say another word about it. On a side note - this outfit only lasted until after the bike ride - she went on to six outfits total today (she is not very good at water fights - for some reason she was the only child coming in soaked every five minutes). One more thing and then I will let you see the video of her riding - her hair is pink and blue if you can tell - I didn't get a sitter for graduation last night (first and possibly last time that happens) - I thought Ethan could handle the twins for a couple if hours while Abby was at gymnastics and Miles was at swim team. It took about five hours to clean up the mess that the two of them made in the two hours I was gone - they even found the Halloween makeup that I had forgotten we even had.

Okay - back to the bike riding - Paige didn't like me to let go - she can ride just as good as her sister but when she would realize that I wasn't holding onto her she would stop - so here is a very short clip of her riding.

Here are Piper and Abby - notice she is in normal clothes - her shoes are even on the right feet (although we did have to change them once) - and her hair is untinted (although it is not done for the day yet).

Piper got really good at the bike - she can stop and start by herself even .

They both have their helmets set out by the front door so they can go again tomorrow when they get up. I get to check one thing off my summer list already - yay me!