Saturday, June 18, 2011

Piper's turn

All 5 kids have now officially had stitches!  I was helping Ethan practice his piano this morning when Piper crashed to the floor in the kitchen.  I am still not quite sure what happened - but I gathered from the evidence that she was trying to climb onto the counter when the chair she was climbing on tipped over.  I don't know if she hit her chin on the counter or on the tile floor - but either way it split it pretty good.  She was super brave at the doctor - and held really still for a really long time.  She did start crying after 4 stitches, but she still held still so the doctor could finish the last one - so 5 stitches for her.  I was joking to Caleb on the ride to the urgent care (I stopped at my mom's house and left 4 kids and then borrowed Caleb to hold Piper on the drive) - how we saw the urgent care doctor more than our family doctor.  Caleb remarked that we might want to research where the urgent care is in St. George before we rent a house - he might have a point there. 
We made a special trip to Walmart today to pick up some "Dora" bandaids - and this is why I don't ever have any on hand.  We tend to think that we need bandaids on every little scratch - but at leash she is happy.
Ethan might be on his own for piano for the next little bit - I am finding it is a little tough to give all 5 kids attention ALL day long!