Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We were up in Salt Lake for another check-up for Paige last weekend - we got GREAT results - the tests (MRI and x-ray) all looked perfect and we can relax for another 3 months.  Paige loves the doctor and has been talking about going to see the "doctor's horsie" for the past couple weeks.  She loves the colorful horse in front of the hospital!

Paige cried this visit when they put the IV in her hand (can you tell by the big sad blue eyes?).  The nurse was excellent - but there is quite a bit of scar tissue in her veins and the nurse had to maneuver the needle to get it in.  She was still a trooper though and the hospital staff fell in love with her.  She ended up with quite a stash of goodies - her favorite being the nail polish - yes, there are days that her nails get painted at least 3 times.
She had already forgiven the nurses and was smiling by the time we got done taking pictures - she is one TOUGH kid!!!