Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Book of the Month!

Abby loves to read stories - let me clarify that - she likes to read the same story over and over and over again. Here she is reading her "favorite" book this month. Bet you can't guess how many times I read it to her - she has it memorized word for word. Yep - I have literally read that book hundreds of times. Sorry for the motion again - I had a baby in my arms as usual and I tend to not know that I am rocking back and forth.

"Just a sec"

OK - so I am trying to catch up on everything that I have been meaning to blog about - so I apologize if things are completely out of order (the rate I am going - I will get Halloween pictures posted by Christmas). I had a funny conversation with Abby today - it went something like this.
Abby: "Mom, can you read me this story?" (As I am driving)
Me: "Just a sec."
Abby: "Mom, Jesus doesn't want you to say "Just a sec"."
Here is where I am going to insert some background information. With the boys being in school and bringing home words that I don't want Abby using (like hate, stupid, etc.) we have talked about words that Jesus doesn't like us using. Back to the conversation -
Me: "Jesus doesn't like me to say "Just a sec?""
Abby: "No, it is not nice to the kids when moms always say "Just a sec" - moms are supposed to help them before a sec."
Me: "Oh - OK"
It is sure hard to keep a straight face at times with this child - anyway, the converstation lasted the entire drive home, and I was able to then read her the story - thankfully the twins had fallen asleep on the way home. I have noticed that with new babies in the house, "Just a sec" is a phrase that I use often - so I will really have to work to take those words out of the vocabulary - but how do you argue with "Jesus doesn't want you to say that"?