Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Just a sec"

OK - so I am trying to catch up on everything that I have been meaning to blog about - so I apologize if things are completely out of order (the rate I am going - I will get Halloween pictures posted by Christmas). I had a funny conversation with Abby today - it went something like this.
Abby: "Mom, can you read me this story?" (As I am driving)
Me: "Just a sec."
Abby: "Mom, Jesus doesn't want you to say "Just a sec"."
Here is where I am going to insert some background information. With the boys being in school and bringing home words that I don't want Abby using (like hate, stupid, etc.) we have talked about words that Jesus doesn't like us using. Back to the conversation -
Me: "Jesus doesn't like me to say "Just a sec?""
Abby: "No, it is not nice to the kids when moms always say "Just a sec" - moms are supposed to help them before a sec."
Me: "Oh - OK"
It is sure hard to keep a straight face at times with this child - anyway, the converstation lasted the entire drive home, and I was able to then read her the story - thankfully the twins had fallen asleep on the way home. I have noticed that with new babies in the house, "Just a sec" is a phrase that I use often - so I will really have to work to take those words out of the vocabulary - but how do you argue with "Jesus doesn't want you to say that"?


Jenny said...

That is precious. Good thing you wrote it down. You'll want to remember that.

Sara said...

At least your kids get "just a sec," I have moved on to "We'll do it after finals." Poor Pierce and Erin are so patient with me!!

P.S. You are amazing!

klareesa said...

Ron has me saying will see to Chris and Ben and it works,well at least for now,as for Elijah he is ok with we can do that later,it really helps when he says it first because its after all his idea. The are so funny!!LOL!