Friday, December 4, 2009

Wrong Socks?

Abby said the funniest thing the other day when I picked up the girls from my Mom and Dad's house. Piper had started to cry - OK, scream - when I put her in her carseat. Abby walked over and matter of factly told me that Piper was crying because she wanted the yellow socks that Paige was wearing. I laughed, but told Abby we didn't have time to switch their socks. So I get the girls in the car with Piper still screaming and about half-way home Piper stops crying (quite unusual - she hates her carseat). When we got home and I opened the door to get the kids out Paige had bare feet, Abby had the blue socks Piper had been wearing in her hands and Piper was wearing the yellow socks. Abby looked at me in all seriousness and said - "See - she just wanted yellow socks".
I asked Ethan to hold Piper while I finished making dinner - here is his idea of holding the baby. I had to chuckle - and grab the camera.


Yep - I am posting about Halloween in December. I warned you that I was a little behind on things. Halloween was the same weekend that Frank had the big kids so it was just the twins and I for the big day. Paige is the giraffe and Piper is the frog - aren't they cute?


Here I am playing catch-up again, but better late than never, right? Frank took the kids to Disneyland during Halloween (it was Nevada Day in Nevada so he had an extra day off work). The kids had a great time and I really appreciate Frank's mom being willing and ready to go with them on a couple hours notice (I was really nervous about the age difference with the kids - Abby isn't big enough to go on all the rides the boys like and I didn't think that they would like the rides she likes - but with Grandma there, they could all go on rides they liked). Here are some of the highlights
Here they are together. I do want it on the record though, that I packed cute outfits for Abby - really cute outfits that match. I put 4 outfits in her suitcase for a 2 day trip - somehow she ended up in this - a shirt that went with the warm outfit, capri's that went with the cool outfit and shoes that her dad bought. Oh well. . . . . As for Miles - I can't blame his dad since he dresses himself. I purposely did not pack any athletic shorts or pants - however, I let him pack a backpack to take (which I thought would be books and pokeman cards to do in the car) and evidently he snuck these shorts in. Another "Oh well . . . . ."
Also - note the Oregon Duck jersey that Miles is wearing. The weekend that the kids were there in Southern Cal was the same weekend that Oregon beat USC in football. I'm glad I didn't see these pictures until later as I would have been worried about Miles safety - his dad on the other hand thought it was quite funny how many dirty looks Miles got.

This is the first trip that Abby liked the characters - last year she was too scared to pose for pictures with anyone - even princesses.

Favorite ride of Abby's

The kids had a great time - thanks Dad and Grandma!