Thursday, May 31, 2012

one hour later...

I have tons on my to-do list for summer.  Most of it are things I should have done a while ago, but haven't had the time to do.  The first on the list was to teach Abby how to ride her bike - her training wheels fell off a few months ago and she has been begging me since to help her ride without them.  So - the first day of summer we were at the church parking lot at 7 am ready to try.  I didn't take a camera with me because I knew from experience with the boys that it takes days (or weeks) for kids to really be able to ride their bike.   Well - Abby was maybe a bit older than her brothers (or maybe more cordinated :)???) - because an hour later she was flying around the parking lot all by herself.  She could even start and stop all by herself.  We took a camera with us this morning and went back to stage some pictures - she is pretty proud of herself!  Yay - one thing checked off the to-do list (actually two - Piper is finally potty-trained too)!
Paige and Piper love to ride bikes too!