Friday, October 30, 2009

The "Duck's Friend's" visit

Quite a few weeks ago now we had our first overnight visitors at our new house. Some of our friends from Oregon (now living in Vegas) came over to see us. It has been 3+ years since we had last seen each other and I didn't know how well the kids would remember their friends - but both the boys had a blast with their old friends. Did I mention - they are both girls - and although Miles is going through that anti-girl stage right now, he had the most fun. Not only are both girls really cute girls, but they helped the boys in their "hut" and played football with them - I think Miles might have his first crush:). Here are some fun pictures of the Oregon years mixed in with the recent visit....

This is the first Halloween we were in Eugene - Miles is Buzz and Jocelyn is Snow White. Here is an Eugene Easter - yep, it was raining. Ethan and Miles are on the left, then Tallie and Jocelyn.

This is a welcome back to law school bash - our second year. Miles, Tallie, Jocelyn, Trinity and Hallie
This is the kids fall of 2007. We had been in Reno for 1 year and the friends were living in Vegas. We ran into them in Disneyland - it was crazy, neither of us knew the other was going to be there, but we got some pictures of the kids together.

Ethan and Tallie are the same age in school - but they have never been the same size. When we started law school, Ethan was 8 months old, Tallie was 2 months old - Ethan is big for his age while Tallie is petite. Here they are in 2006.
Here they are in October 2009!

This is Miles and Jocelyn at his 3rd birthday party (2004)

Here they are in October 2009!

Here they are together - my boys had a blast - thanks so much for coming!!!


destiny said...

LOVE IT! You did such a good job! I feel ya on being behind! I am ALWAYS behind, but I did get Halloween. Now I'm going to have to fill in the gaps! Thanks for posting this! We will for sure do this again- SOON!!

Brittany said...

haha I think I might actually remember these girls =)