Saturday, February 18, 2012

28 minutes 15 seconds

Miles ran his first 5K today!!!  Pineview High sponsered a run as a fundraiser to help a cute little girl that has leukemia with medical bills - I signed both of us up.  I thought that by taking Miles with me it would give me an excuse to not run fast - but Miles pushed me the whole way.  He is a pretty tough kid - I was proud of him - we ran the whole way and he even had lots left at the end of the race to outsprint me!  His new goal is to run the "Dogtown" (Washington City) Half Marathon next year - I think he just wants the super cool t-shirt.  Either way though - it is fun to have a running buddy.


Jennifer said...

Great job Miles! He definitely has a lot of his mommy's talents. Maybe someday I can say that I ran a 5K, although I'm sure I won't be sprinting to the finish line.

Michele Alger said...

THAT IS AWESOME!!! MY first 5K wasn't until a year ago last Thanksgiving (maybe you saw the post on that) so I am incredibly impressed! I think next time I'll talk Jeremy into going with me. Great idea. Love you!!

Tennille said...

: )