Saturday, August 28, 2010

Meet the T-birds

SUU had a "meet the team" afternoon today. We went. Miles is completely fascinated with football right now - and yes, he finally convinced me that he is old enough to play flag football (keyword being flag = non-tackle). It was a really nice event that the team put on - Miles now has a huge poster of the team on his wall with lots of autographs on it (the hat that he was wearing is now also sporting those same autographs). They had free watermelon, pizza, chips and dip and lots of little toys. The players were great with the kids - when they saw that I wanted a picture with Miles, they hoisted him right up on the shoulders.
Of course Thor was there also and more than happy to pose for a picture.
They also let the kids come down to the field and run drills with them. However, the only way to get the stroller down to the field was a long walk away, so I opted to just take far away shots instead. I could have cropped this photo so Miles is more recognizable, but I love the mountains in the background, so I opted to let you try to figure out where Miles is. Hint: Miles is in the red hat - trying to get open from the defender so the quarterback can throw the ball to him.
This one I cropped for you - here he is about to catch the ball - wish I had timed it a bit better so you could see the ball in his arms.
Here is a very short clip of Miles in what I think they called "running the gauntlet". I am sure you will see more football posts in the near future - he had a great time and can't wait until his practices and games start.

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Bryan and Amanda Russ said...

Lady you are amazing, I am reading all these posts and thinking how in the world is she doing all these activities...swim, soccer, golf, chess, scouts, skate board, piano, etc. and while you doing school. You are incredible. I am glad to find you on fb and see your family a little on here. We should catch up. Have a great day!