Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Derby

Yep - you read it right, we had yet another derby tonight. For those of you who are counting (I am) - this is the 3rd derby kit we have had to assemble this year. This time it was the Raingutter Regatta - it was the easiest so far - Miles pretty much did it himself. The wood was a very soft wood (I think called Balsa?) and he was able to shape it with sandpaper - then he painted it (and colored the sail with a sharpie). We used wood glue to attach all the parts and it was done. Here is the finished product with the proud racer.
For those of you unfamiliar with the Raingutter Regatta (as I was myself a few hours ago), the boys actually propel their boats by blowing into the sail. Here is an action shot of Miles - sorry so blurry, but it is an action shot (I think I got him right as he trippd over the sawhorse - which he did every time he raced:)
Miles actually did really well. It was a double elimination competition and he won 3 before he lost 2. He lost to his best friend (who had a really cool "Parry the Platypus" boat) - who ended up taking second place overall. I was really proud of the sportsmanship that Miles is learning - he really had a good time tonight and wasn't upset when he lost. Here is a video of Miles's first race - he picked it up quick (watch for the trip though:).

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