Sunday, August 8, 2010

Miles visit to the E.R.

We had a visit to the Emergency Room tonight for Miles. Funny thing is that this is only the second time that I have taken a kid to the E.R. and the other time was also for Miles. Somehow it seems like he always gets hurt on Sunday night after the Urgent Care is closed. We had just gone up to my parents for Sunday Dinner and he was outside riding his scooter (or Courtnie's scooter). I heard a crash but didn't think much of it since there was relatively little screaming until I heard my brother yell for help. I ran out and found Caleb trying to hold the gash in Miles leg closed - he was doing a great job, but I could still see how deep the cut was and all the tissue trying to come out of his leg. I am glad that so far all of our emergencies have happened when there are other adults around - I tend to panic a bit. My dad had gotten him a rag to hold on his leg and we loaded him in the car. Caleb offered to come with us and I made him climb in the back since I couldn't lift Miles over the seat so I had him in the front. We made a quick stop at home to pick up our BRAND NEW insurance cards (I just switched companies on Aug 1, and I got the cards in the mail yesterday) and then headed out to the hospital. Poor Caleb - he had been outside when Miles crashed and had seen more of the wound then anyone else - I noticed in the rear view mirror that he was a bit white and then he closed his eyes, next think I heard was his head hitting the head rest of the seat in front of him. He wasn't passed out for long - he was talking to me right away - but he tried to scare me too. When we got to the hospital - I carried Miles in (I need to stop feeding the kid - he is almost too heavy to carry now) and left Caleb to park my car (he was feeling better - or at least he said he was feeling better). They got us right in (and my insurance is better than I thought it was:) and the doctor was super with Miles. He teased Miles the whole time - when Miles said it was a scooter accident, the doctor came right back with "you're not a very good scooter rider huh?" He teased Miles about a girlfriend, and about school - and before Miles knew it he had 6 stitches in his knee. We were supposed to keep it covered for 3 days, but Miles talked me into letting him "peek" - so here is the famous knee.
This is the only good thing about being hurt - the extra Wii time.
Brittnie even has convinced him that he "can't" practice the piano because it was his pedal leg. Thanks Britt!!! I am a bit sad though - I had a whole list of things that I wanted to do before school starts next week - the list included a super fun hike that is now not possible because you are hiking in water most of the way (plus, Miles tends to fall a bit and I can't carry him back from a 6 mile hike if he were to hurt it again - I barely made it from the car to the waiting room). Soccer also starts this week so he will miss a few games, but I am super grateful that it didn't get any tendons or other important stuff. He was a tough kid tonight!!!


Tasha said...

Glad he is doing okay but sorry he will miss some games. Isn't ER with kids an adventure?!?

susieq said...

I am so sorry to hear this!!! August is not a good month for some of us! I hope he heals quickly and I'm sure he'll enjoy the extra wii time :)