Friday, August 13, 2010

Kanarraville Falls

We hiked Kanarraville Falls today - it was a blast! Miles's knee was doing better (he even talked me into letting him play in his first soccer game last night - which he scored the first goal in) so I thought we had better do this hike before school starts next week. We went with good friends so it made the hike even more fun - Mariam and Cameron with both their families and their dad came along too. I don't know how I missed this hike growing up here - but it is definately going on the list of hikes that we need to do again (and I will take my dad next time - he will love it - it is almost like a mini narrows). Here we are in the water - must have been near the beginning of the water part because Ethan is still smiling.

The boys both had to bring their camelbacks for water - guess who ended up carrying them for most of the hike though. In fact, I thought I carried them for pretty much the whole time, but as I look through the pictures, the boys had them on in almost everyone. Here is Miles, taking a drink break. For as much as he falls down on flat ground - he was pretty surefooted on the slippery rocks.
The slot canyons were amazing - in my opinion, Southern Utah is the most beautiful place on earth!

Here are the boys at the top of the first falls - they scampered up the ladder before I got a picture of them. Coming back down was another story though - the log was missing a few rungs, and was a bit scary. Mackay came to the rescue though - he wedged himself between the log and the canyon wall and helped us all place our feet.

Here are the kids trying to warm up their feet - the water was really cold - I thought by the middle of August it would be warmer than it was. Miles never complained about the cold, but I can't say the same about Ethan - he thought he might lose a few toes to frostbite (however, I don't know how cold he could have been because I could not convince him to put his shirt back on).

Miles went all the way under near the end of the hike - I caught it on video - here he is on a water slide. He had an audience and had to be the "tough guy".

Thanks Chatfield's and Steffensen's for coming with us - it was nice catch up on what everyone is up to. We missed you Shaliece and LaRae - but we will have to plan to do a fun family hike next summer (LaRae already has one in mind).

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