Saturday, July 24, 2010

Swimming lessons

I enrolled a child in swimming lessons this summer for the very first time. When the boys were little, we had a pool at our apartment and so I could just teach them. I tried to teach Abby this summer as well - we had a free family pass to the pool for one month, so I would time it so we went during naptime and the twins would sleep in their stroller in the shade while I got in with Abby. It never worked though - either one twin wouldn't go to sleep, or they would both sleep, but just for 10 minutes, or the water was too cold so Abby wouldn't stay in the water for more than 5 minutes. So I spent the $25 and registered her for swimming lessons. It was worth every dollar - she loved it. I didn't get great pictures (the swimming pool is the hardest place to watch the twins so I usually had my arms full) - but I will share what I have.
Abby did great and they moved her on to Level 2 - here she proudly holding her certificate (and otter pop).
She loves to go under water and can hold her breath for quite a while. This video is of her very favorite game, she calls it "can't go over".

This next video is a game called "chop, chop, timber". The kids tell the teacher what kind of tree they are and then the teacher will say "chop, chop, timber" and the kids jump in the water. This time Abby was a "strawberry tree", I really wish I had my camera on the day before when she was an "applesauce tree".

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