Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Guess who's 1!

The twins had a birthday last weekend and we had a little party for them on Sunday. We had dinner at my mom and dad's (we were also celebrating my mom's birthday) and then started the party with the presents. Here they are with their presents -
Piper and her favorite present - the picture isn't great, but the story behind the picture is funny so I included the picture anyway. As soon as Piper opened the marshmellows, she grabbed them and ran (thinking someone was going to take them away). Well, she headed straight for the sprinklers, so Greg went after her to stop her from getting wet and she thought he was chasing her and ran faster. Anyway, she ended up wet, but still in possesion of the marshmellows.
Paige and her favorite present. She was a bit sober this day, not sure why, but I never did get a picture of her smiling.

My favorite present that they got were darling hair bows that Brittnie and her family gave them. They match the beautiful dresses (thanks again Grandma Gilmore) that they are going to wear for their birthday pictures - so you should see them here soon. After the presents, we went on to the cake - you can't really tell from the pictures, but the cupcakes were multi-colored. They were very bright and I thought would make a big mess, but neither of the girls got as messy as I hoped they would (the one time a year that I wouldn't mind them being messy:) I thought this picture was classic - as you can see, both girls have the same giant cupcake in front of them, but for some reason, Piper always goes for Paige's food.

We did manage to veer her back towards her own cupcake though and then she took her first bite of birthday candle wax.

Piper hardly got a crumb on her - really, I should have left her in her dress.

Paige started out a bit timid, but ended up messier than her sister. I could not however, coax a smile out of her - so her she is watching me with her big serious eyes.

This was quite funny, instead of eating either of the cupcake pieces she was holding in her hands, she decided to go for the cupcake left on the plate, and since her hands were both full - she decided no hands were necessary.

I can't believe they are 1 - I sometimes get sad they are growing up so quick. Many people have told me that if I could make it past the first year, it would get easier - I am not so sure they know what they are talking about however. They do sleep better - I will give them that, but chasing two toddlers is a lot harder than chasing one and holding two squirming toddlers is next to impossible. So wish me luck this coming year - all of my other kids have been better babies than toddlers (they are not "bad" toddlers, just mischievious, independent and stubborn) and I have a feeling that these two are not going to be too different.


Tasha said...

They are just beautiful!

Celeste said...

Those are the cutest pictures! And if anyone can handle toddlerhood with twins it would be you!

Apryl said...

That picture of Paige holding her cupcake and trying to eat the plate is classic. And Piper's with the marshmallows is so funny! You can totally hear her inner monologue, "That's right! No one takes marshmallows from PIPER!"

Brittany said...

awww Heidi your children are beautiful! & I know you're super mom!