Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hurricane Meet

We ran down to Hurricane this morning for a swim meet. I turned my camera on for a quick picture before the meet and almost cried. My viewing screen had a HUGE white box right in the middle of where the picture should be - after 30 minutes of trying everything I could think of to fix it, I realized that I could still see the outline of some other pictures that were still on my camera. So I took pictures and video's anyway and sure enough - they look great on my computer (well as great as this camera ever looked). So if the pictures are lobsided, I now have an excuse - I couldn't see the picture I was taking. Here are the boys at some point in the meet.
It was Ethan's first meet (Miles swam in the Summer Games last year) and he was super nervous, but he did SO good. Since I am now using my blog as a journal/scrapbook (I just got my blog books from the past 2 years and they look great), I am going to record the kids times. Ethan swam 2 relays and the 25 free (33.33) and the 25 back (31.85). I am so excited about those times - his backstroke is faster than his freestyle (I was like that as a kid too!) Miles strongly dislikes backstroke - he hates that the water comes up his nose (I have tried to teach him how to swallow water that comes up his nose and he looks at me like I am crazy:) - so it is fun to have a kid who likes (and is good at) the funnest race there is. Here is a picture of Ethan showing off his event numbers that the coaches wrote on his arm.

And here is a clip of his backstroke race - he was the only 7-8 year old boy so they made him swim with the girls and he still did great! He is in the last lane - also if you look closely, you can see him put on his goggles near the start of the race - yep, he forgot to put them on before the race started.

Miles ended up swimming 3 individual events and 2 relays - he swam the 50 free (59.49), 50 back (1:10.27) and the 50 breast (1:25.18). I had signed him up to swim the 100 I.M. instead of the breaststroke, but there was a mix up - so he swam the breaststroke. Last summer, Miles was disqualified in every breaststroke race so I was quite nervous, but he is a great little breaststroker now.
I wish I had got a video of the breaststroke, but since I didn't think he was swimming it I didn't have my camera with me (he barely made the race as it was). Here is Miles 50 free race.

It was hot today so the girls and I tried to stay in the shade - here are some cute shots of the girls. It seems like every time I take a picture of Piper, she has something in her mouth. This time it was a water bottle lid (she also enjoyed the landscape rocks that were right next to us).
Paige has a huge smile - sorry about the cut-off head. It is harder than it looks to take a picture without being able to see the screen.

Abby was soaked by the end of the meet - she snuck into the wading pool and "ran" laps. I was as sad as she was when they made her get out - I need to suggest they get a park next to the pool for the little kids.

It was a fun meet - just hard with the girls. I do appreciate my own parents more though - thanks for all the meets/games you came to Mom and Dad - they always had little kids (even for college track meets, Courtnie was only 2-6 years old). Maybe next summer it will be a little easier - maybe???

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