Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Successful Surgery!

So, runners are not usually known for having nice feet and I am no exception. I lost another toenail last weekend running the half-marathon. It is funny how a little thing like a toe can cause so much pain, but it did. I was limping so bad that my hip started to hurt so I thought it might be time to take care of it. Last time this happened was after the Portland marathon and since we didn't have insurance I made Frank drill through my toenail with a small drill bit. Now, we have insurance, but since our deductable is so high, I still didn't want to go to the doctor. So, (after asking advice from my nurse friend - thanks Kelli) I took a paper clip and heated it until it was red hot and then burned through my toenail - I AM SO BRAVE!!!!! It was instantly better - next time it won't take me 3 days to work up the courage to do. Since I am so proud of myself for my surgeon skills - I am even including a visual to go with the story. Here is the infamous toe!

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