Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Sue!

Some of our very best friends from Reno moved to Vegas last month - YEAAAAAAAAH! And it gets better - Dan invited us to come down and stay with them for Sue's birthday (it was a surprise for her - well, he might have told her the day before, but still a surprise then). This was our first "vacation" since the twins were born and the boys have been looking forward to it all summer. We had such a great time - another one of my best friends had flown down from Reno and it was so nice to visit and spend time with them both! I have the most incredible friends in the whole world - I can't even believe myself how lucky I am. I can't count all the ways I am indebted to them, but do want to share some of the things they have done for me. Sue drove us to Utah when we moved back - she knows how hard it is for me to stay awake while I am driving and knew (better than I did, I might add) how hard emotionally as well as physically the trip was going to be. Sue left 5 kids of her own to help me and Apryl helped take care of them while Sue was gone. Both Sue and Apryl talked me through all the crazy emotions I was dealing with in the early stages of the divorce (and being pregnant), they both came and helped me pack and clean many times, and they also both helped me financially as well. I know have tears streaming down my face so I am going to change the tone here and go back to the HAPPY trip. I didn't get a picture with Apryl (I guess we will have to do it again next year to get pictures - oh and Christelle, if you are checking this blog, you need to come too) but here is one of my troup and the Lee clan (except Dan - who took increadible pictures with my broken camera).
Thank you Lee family - we all had a "radical" time (Miles wrote in his journal all about the trip and he used the word "radical" about 10 times describing all the fun stuff the kids did together). Oh, and one more thing - it wasn't enough that they fed us the whole trip, but Sue took me to "Trader Joe's" - my absolute favorite place to shop, (which they do not have in Utah) and wouldn't let me buy my own groceries - so they are still feeding us (that pasta was sooooo yummy!!!).
My family was down in Vegas at the same time for a tournament that Courtnie's club basketball team was playing in. They stayed at a nice resort and invited us over one day to play in their pool. Here are some pictures from Tahiti Village. They had a beach entrance to their pool - the sand was incredible!!!

They even had a lazy river - most of us loved it, however, the twins liked the swimming pool better. We didn't even make it very far on the tube, and then my mom took them back to their room for a nap so I could play with the older kids - THANK YOU MOM!

Brittnie and her girls came down as well and we went to "M&M World" with them on the way back to Cedar. Most of the kids had a great time! Here is a picture when we first walked in - all the kids are happy...

Here is a picture as we were leaving - guess which kid had an absolute meltdown (he couldn't even be talked into getting in the picture). His "mean mom" wouldn't buy him a $30 M&M dispenser.
Abby and Katie had a great time!
The green M&M was Abby's favorite because she was wearing high heels.
This is what Paige and Piper did at M&M world and my dad even volunteered to stay in the hall and watch them so I didn't have to maneuver the stroller.
Thanks everyone for making our short vacation so fun - and underwhelming to me.

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