Friday, July 16, 2010

The Skateboarder

Miles's passion this month is skateboarding - he has been outside practicing tricks every time I turn around. In fact, he has gotten so good that he now thinks he is good enough to put on a "skatecamp". He has posted flyers like this around the neighborhood.

He wanted to charge $5 a kid for the camp, but I talked him into doing a test run to see how it goes and let the kids come for free. I just wanted to add a brief history of Miles and skateboards - Miles got his first skateboard when he was 19 months old. My brother had come up to help me when Ethan was born and brought Miles a present (did I mention that we had hardwood floors at the time). Michael watched Miles for us while we were in the hospital with Ethan - and I was so nervous about the trouble those two could get into that I only stayed in the hospital overnight even though our insurance covered two nights. Here is the "famous" skateboard - Miles is a little older than 19 months though.

This morning, Miles didn't have swim team and I had promised that if he got all of his stuff done yesterday without whining, I would take him to the skate park. So here are a few pictures of me following through with that promise.

This is what the rest of us were doing while Miles skated - yep, we splurged and went out for doughnuts!

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