Saturday, July 3, 2010

Prince Naveen

The Family Fest is happening right now in Cedar and we joined them this morning for a 3 mile Family Walk. Along the way there were prize stations (instead of aid stations) - one of the prizes Abby got was a cheap plastic ring. It was so fun watching her look at her ring - her smile was so big. About 5 minutes after she got the ring I overheard her say to Ethan "I'm getting married to Prince Naveen - see my ring he gave me". I had to ask Miles who Prince Naveen was (he is from the Princess and the Frog) when I stopped laughing. So anyway I guess Abby is already taken. Her is the famous ring.
Speaking of overhearing conversations - I was washing dishes yesterday while the boys were playing Wii and this is what I heard

Miles: Your guy looks like a hobo.
Ethan: What is a hobo?
Miles: Someone who doesn't have a job and can't afford cable.

I was laughing so hard that I couldn't bring myself to go in and correct him, but I will - maybe.

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Celeste said...

Tim says he qualifies as a hobo then.