Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fun-Filled 4th (or 5th)

The 4th of July was celebrated on the 5th this year in Cedar (since the 4th was Sunday). The boys thought it was hilarious how they kept announcing in church that the 4th of July breakfast was on July 5th. Well, our day started at 6 a.m. when the canons went off REALLY loud! We made it too the church by 7ish for the breakfast (yes, we were late and did miss the flag ceremony). We then proceded on to the parade - lucky for me, my cousin Derek lives on Main Street and saves us a spot so we don't have to get to the parade an hour early to get a place. The kids had a great time with their cousins catching candy.
You can't see it, but Abby really did have a few pieces of candy in her purse. I really mean few though, because she would get a piece of candy, take it back to her bag and then go back for another one, but by that time the candy would be gone. She had a great time though.
Here are a few pictures of Abby and her cousin Katie - they are "bestest" friends. It is so fun for us to be so close to family!

This is a slide at the bounce houses at the park.

Later on at Grandma's and Grandpa's I caught them both in the pea patch - I promise I didn't stage this picture, but they really are "two pea's in a pod".

After the parade, we put some babies down for a nap at Grandma's and Grandpa's and then took the rest of the kids to the park where they have a fun carnival type thing every year. The first place the boys wanted to go was to the dunking booth - they both took a turn at throwing, here is a great shot of Ethan.

Then Miles decided he wanted to get in line to sit on the dunking chair (that line, by the way, was 10 x's longer than the line to throw. But here he is ready to be dunked.

Guess who was the one who dunked Miles - yep, his brother got him and I even got it on video:)

He was pretty wet - but not for long with how hot it was that day.

We also found a man walking around with a snake wrapped around his neck and of course the kids had to visit him. I thought Abby would be a bit more scared than she was - but she was pretty enthralled by the snake.

My camara died when Miles was on the rock wall - this is the only shot I have of it - I wish I hadn't zoomed in so close - he was really high up there, but you can't tell from this shot.

We then all went home for naps (and a piano practice for Ethan who had a piano lesson to get ready for) before a barbeque and fireworks at my parents house. I forgot to tell about the outfits - we all had on our red, white and blue. I had outfits for all the kids, and I was planning on just wearing clothes that I had, BUT, one day while at Walmart, I saw a cute shirt and tried it on (just over my other clothes, because you can't fit five kids in a dressing room and still have room to dress). Miles - bless his heart - told me that I looked fantastic and I should get that shirt- that compliment from my 9 year old boy made my day (maybe week or month even). So, needless to say, I made the purchase. I rarely like to have pictures taken of myself - but I did have a few taken in my "fantastic" looking top. Here I am with the twins - this is what I look like most days with a twin in each arm.

Here is the whole family in their red, white and blue. It is really difficult to get everyone holding still, not to mention smiling in the same direction. I put in two pictues becasue I couldn't decide which was better.

We started the fireworks off with sparklers - Abby wouldn't even go near them, but the boys had a great time.
Greg let Miles help him light the fireworks - it made Miles's whole day, he really felt grown-up.
Even with naps, it was still a pretty late night - Abby sure liked her glow stick bracelets though, she even made a necklace out of them as well.
We ended the day out at the hill above the soccer fields at Canyon View High watching the "big" fireworks. It was one of those "perfect" days where kids had fun all day (probably because there were no chores to complain about). I love the 4th of July!!!


Brittany said...

awww you and the kids look great!

Bryan and Amanda Russ said...

You do look great in that shirt! I love the family pics. They are sooo cute!!!