Sunday, December 5, 2010

Storybook Parade

Yesterday was the storybook parade here in Cedar. We went! I almost left the twins at my parents house for a nap, but decided to take them last minute. They LOVED it!!! Here is Paige with her "smile" face - yep, whenever anyone asks her to smile - she gives them this face.
Piper loved all the characters - and hated when anyone got in front of her.
My favorite float - Where the Wild Things Are - I still love that book!

Abby's favorite character - DORA!

We were all a bit partial to Goofy though - look how well he (she) is able to drive with one hand and no peripheral vision - good job Court!
We even got to take pictures with Goofy - and yes, we had to show Paige and Piper who was under that funny face before they would let her hold them.

And then Goofy was nice enough to let everyone try on his head - first Miles
then Ethan

and even Abby!

Parade was fun and relatively nice weather - kids loved it, but the babies were ready for a nap by the time it was over!


Sharon McKee said...

FUN! Cedar City really has the best parades. The fourth of July one was excellent. My kids came home with a ton of little prizes, not just candy. Glad you guys are doing well!

Nathan and Justine said...

Love this!!! I'm a little partial to Goofy, too! I'm glad everyone had a great time! The pictures are priceless!