Thursday, December 23, 2010


Abby has been fascinated by Santa Claus this year. She finally got her chance to meet him last Saturday at a Christmas party some friends had at their house. Abby followed Santa around the entire time he was there (he stayed for games and the sleigh booster contest) - and he was very patient to answer all her questions and watch how fast she can run (all 20+ times she ran up the street and back). Thanks Santa!!! Abby sat on Santa's lap and had to really think to name all she wants for Christmas.
Ethan and Miles on the other hand were a bit goofy when it was their turn to sit with Santa.

Also a big hit with the kids were the gingerbread houses that they were able to decorate. Abby was in heaven with all that sugar.

As you can see from the next picture - she would decorate her house and then lick it off and start over again - isn't that how everyone decorates gingerbread houses?
Finally - I caught a real smile on Ethan's face! Ethan would have won the prize for the most icing used on his houses - not very much candy was left on the roof by the time they came home - the icing had dripped onto the plate bringing most of the candy with it.
Miles also used his creativity to build his houses. He got the most candy on his houses - barely any graham cracker showing on his first house.

The kids had a great time - thanks Fontano's for putting together such a great party!!!

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John Fontano said...

Heidi, It was great to have you guys. Thanks again for the games. They were great. Glad you were able to get some good pictures.