Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kid's California Trip

This is a late post on the kids trip to California with their dad over Nevada Day (end of October). It was the day after they got home that we got the news about Paige and life was a bit crazy for a while. Better late than never though - here are the pictures. DISNEYLAND!!!

They went to Disneyland on Friday and then hit the beach on Saturday morning. I did get more information out of the kids about the beach - they all love the water and the sand. I worry about Abby near water, but I think the water was a bit cold for her to want to get too wet. Ethan has always liked sand a bit more than water - he would much rather dig in the sand then swim.
Miles talked about "body surfing" for weeks after he came home. He sure appreciated his dad teaching him how (especially since his dad had to wear a wetsuit to brave the "cold" water:)

After the beach - Frank took Miles to the Oregon Ducks football game (I already posted pictures about that) and Grandma Gilmore took Ethan and Abby to the Aquarium - Ethan now wants to be a marine biologist when he grows up. When I asked the kids what their favorite part of the trip was, both Miles and Abby said Disneyland and Ethan said the Aquarium because he got to pet a shark. Thanks Dad and Grandma Gilmore for a FUN trip!

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Michele Alger said...

I love Abby as Belle! She's the most adorable ever!!! The Disneyland pictures are great and the beach makes me want to be on a sunny one somewhere right now. *sigh*
Thanks for sharing!!