Friday, December 10, 2010

Lego's and Locksmith's

We have a birthday tradition in our family - the birthday child wakes up to a present on the floor by his/her bed. This morning Ethan woke up to a Harry Potter lego's set (Hagrid's Hut) from his dad - when I finally got up with the girls (6:00 am) - both of the boys were up and had half of the 500 piece set already done. I wasn't going to even ask what time they woke up - but they volunteered the information - 4:34 am. Yes - you read that right - 4:34 am. Well - most of the set was finished before the boys left for school - with only a short break for breakfast (swedish pancakes per Ethan's request). The rest was finished as soon as they got home from school. Here is the finished product.

Another tradition we have started is that the birthday child gets to go out to lunch with mom - I talked Ethan into letting me take him to lunch with 4 girls tagging along (since not only did I not have a babysitter for my 3 - but I also had a girl that I am babysitting). So - I started loading kids in the car for our lunch outing. I had just put Paige in her carseat and she started whining for the keys - I gave them to her and shut the door. As soon as I let go of the door - I realized what I did and reached to open it again - too late. Paige loves to play with the buttons on the keys and especially likes the lock button because of the honking noise it makes. She had already locked the car and was laughing everytime the car would honk. I sat there for 5 minutes trying to get her to push the unlock button, before I had to run grab a phone to call the school. Luckily, they just sent Ethan home instead of making me sign him out - so he got home and tried to help me teach Paige how to unlock the car before he lost interest and ran inside to work on Lego's again. Well - Paige managed to drop the keys eventually and I got to call a locksmith. He was there 2 minutes later and had the door open in 30 seconds. Here are a few pictures of the rascal - here she is still with the keys.
This is a picture of her dropping the keys - and her "smile" face. She thought the whole incident was rather amusing.
We ended up making it to Subway - but I made Ethan eat in the car as we ran to Walmart. I left him in the car with the girls while I sprinted into to the store to grab a snack for his class - then we raced back to the school where he was only a few minutes late. He will remember this birthday to say the least.
We ended the birthday with a dinner from KFC and cheesecake and presents at Britt's. Overall - it was a great birthday!!!

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