Thursday, December 16, 2010

Birthday Boy!

We finally got around to having a birthday party for Ethan. This week has been (and still is) crazy busy - so we decided to squeeze Ethan's party in right after school (before a piano recital and pack meeting). Ethan has been reading Harry Potter books non-stop recently so it was no surprise that he wanted to have a Harry Potter party. We started it off by making our own glasses and some of the party-goers went the extra step and make their own wands too (not a great picture of Ethan - he looks like he is knitting:)
We then played a guessing game with "Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Beans" - since I was a big procrastinator and I couldn't really find "every flavor" in Cedar, there were no "earwax", "toenails", or "soap" flavored beans - but that didn't stop the kids from guessing those. Most everyone guessed "shampoo" on the "orange juice" jelly bean - they had lots of fun coming up with absurd guesses.
We then made our own Harry Potter BINGO cards and played bingo. Lots of fun and there was a 4-place tie for black-out.
The next game was the hit of the party. I couldn't figure out how to play quidditch inside the house - so I settled for a broomstick relay. The kids had to sweep a balloon around the living room/kitchen circle and then hand off the broom to the next boy. It was a hit and we played it a few times.
Dinner was pizza (couldn't find a way to tie that in with Harry Potter - but the kids didn't seem to notice) and a potion that had been brewing throughout the whole party (dry-ice rootbeer). This picture didn't catch all the "smoke" coming out of the pitcher - but the kids loved it!
Cupcakes were wizard hats - complete with the Harry Potter lightening bolt scar!

And then - Ethan's favorite part of the party - PRESENTS!!! He got absolutely spoiled - thanks to all the friends for lots of fun and presents that woke him up early to play with them!!!

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