Thursday, December 23, 2010


Ethan has always loved the piano - he has been playing since he could sit at the piano bench (technically, probably earlier - as he would sit on my lap when I would play before he could sit himself). Wasn't he a cute baby?
When Ethan was 4 years old he begged to take piano lessons (I think it was because of the treats that I used to give piano students to bribe them to practice) - and I told him he had to be able to read first. Well - he was determined to play - and he was actually easy to teach to read since he wanted to do it so bad. So Ethan started piano lessons a few months before his 5th birthday. I taught him for a couple years, but after we moved back to Cedar, we had the incredible opportunity of him taking from my Aunt JoAnn. He has had to practice hard with her, but has really progressed since starting with her earlier this year. Ethan gave his very own recital last week - he learned 16 songs and had them all polished. I am super proud at how hard he has worked at the piano and wanted to share a couple of his pieces.

Here is the program for the recital.
I had a really hard time narrowing down the songs to put on here - so feel free to just listen to your favorites, but here are 6 of my favorites.
Minuet in G by Bach
Musette by Bach
Ecossaise by Beethoven
The Wild Horseman by Schumann
Arabesque by Burgmuller
Stormy Night by Bober

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Dan said...

Very nice playing Ethan! Your musicianship really comes through in your ability to make the contrasting sections musical (the loud and soft parts are balanced just right)! Great job - keep up the good work!