Saturday, April 10, 2010

"A Whole New World"

The boys begged to wrestle this year - and I gave in. Well - I didn't know what I was getting myself into. They really liked the wrestling practices and asked if they could wrestle in a tournament - so I gave in to that too. I was just thinking that it would be a couple hours and they would each get to wrestle a couple of times. Nope - they are all-day type things - and just in case anyone is wondering - wrestling is alive and well in southern Utah. Turns out wrestling is HUGE here - they had there state meet today and there were people from Hurricane, Beaver, Minersville, Milford, Enterprise, South Sevier, Juab, etc. We were at the gym at 7:30 for weigh-in and didn't leave until 4:30 (actually, the girls and I did leave for donuts and juice before the matches started). Soccer mom's have nothing over wrestling families - I couldn't believe the parents down on the mats with their kids - screaming in their faces, I wouldn't know what to say - even if I could get close enough to be heard. Actually, I was just praying that my boys wouldn't get hurt (and that they wouldn't hurt anyone) - I didn't care at all if they won or not. They had fun but I am not so sure that wrestling is our sport - they are both excited to start baseball though in a couple of weeks. Here are some pictures from today - probably goes without saying but my kids are not the ones in the singlets and wrestling shoes. This is Miles (sorry about the picture - we try to stay as far from the action as we can with the twins:)
And here is our Ethan!
This is Abby's favorite thing about watching her brothers wrestle (maybe the only thing she enjoyed)
This was my favorite part of the day - they both had two great naps - AT THE SAME TIME. I love that Canyon View has a track above their gym - I walked the girls to sleep and watched the boys wrestle at the same time!


Michele Alger said...

wow Heidi, you are so amazing. How do you do the things you do?!

Jenny said...

I will be stealing the bubble gum project idea next year. What a great idea and it doesn't sound too difficult. Your babies are so beautiful. I wish I could have spent a whole day with you last week. Great job on the tests. I know I didn't do that well and I had zero kids at the time. Plus you didn't even mention that you earned a sticker on each one. Way to go!

Jen Barnes said...

wow, the girls are getting so big. I really don't know how you are doing everything you are doing, but you are one fantastic mom!!