Thursday, April 8, 2010

Science Fair

My first post on this blog last year was about the science fair- it is crazy to think of all that has happened in one year. Well - we managed to do two science fair projects again this year (note the we - yes, I know they like the kids to do their own work, but I have to "guide" the boys if anything is going to get done). Miles did come up with his project himself - and it was a fun one to do (not too scientific it turned out - but interesting). He found a penny that is magnetic - so the question was "why are some coins magnetic and others are not?" Turns out that the penny he found was from 1943 - during WWII they needed all the copper for ammuntion and airplanes so the pennies were made from steel. Anyway, we gathered coins from many years and many countries and researched what they were made of - he won honorable mention for the 3rd grade.

Ethan's was a fun project as well - he tested 6 different types of gum to see which one produced the biggest bubbles. Hubba Bubba came out the winner! Ethan won 3rd place for 1st grade and got to go on to the regional science fair.

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Michele Alger said...

WTG Miles and Ethan! Wonderful and creative projects too!!! How impressive ;-)