Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Helper. . .

Meal time can be quite an adventure at our house. I get the food ready for all 5 kids before I put the babies in their highchairs - but even then - their patience is not so good. I feed Paige a bite while Piper fusses for some food, then I feed Piper a bite while Paige fusses for food. I have tried everything to stop them from fussing, I even put finger food on their trays that they can feed themselves when I am helping the other twin - but it hasn't stopped the fussing. Well, one morning, Abby decided that she wanted to be "the helper" - and I didn't turn down the offer. Here is Abby - a.k.a. Cinderella - feeding Paige some peach oatmeal.
Here they are again, a few bites later - I think that more oatmeal ended up on Paige's clothes and face then actually in her mouth.
Eventually, Paige wrestled the spoon away from her sister and finished feeding herself the oatmeal. I love these next two pictures - I hope you can see how blue her eyes are.
I should have gotten a picture of Piper that day too - it might be the first time ever that Paige is messier than her sister - however, it was also one of our most peaceful meals, so I didn't even mind that I had to throw the girls in the bath after they were done (oatmeal is tricky to get out of hair without a complete wash).

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