Saturday, April 24, 2010


I am posting about Easter in April - this might be a record! The kids had been with their dad that week and I just picked them up on Saturday - they had already celebrated Easter- but since Easter is MY favorite holiday - they agreed to celebrate again. Here is the token "Easter Egg Hunt" - thanks Aunt Courtnie for helping - we went across the street to the school playground. Abby wouldn't put the eggs in her bag until she shook each one to make sure it was full.
The "easter bunny" was quite creative with where she hid the eggs. Abby was fasinated with the "purple snow" - Ethan had to point out that it was an egg making the snow look purple (needless to say - those jelly beans were a bit damp and got thrown out).
I didn't get a great shot of Ethan - but he was great at helping point out the eggs to Abby.
Miles found all the eggs on the rock wall.
The twins even joined in the fun - they figured out how to open the eggs before their mom figured out that they did. Paige had a mouthful of jelly beans before I noticed and you should have heard her scream when I took them away. Piper just liked the noise the eggs made when she threw them.
Here we are decorating the eggs - we did 3 dozen. This is the only picture I got because shortly after this shot - Ethan fell off his chair and took the green dye with him. I dumped him in the bathtub and then scrubbed the floor, soaked his clothes and bleached the grout. The only evidence of the disaster was a greenish tint to Ethan's face for a couple days - I tried to have him soak his face, but he got tired of holding his breath. We still had fun and even finished the eggs - we only had one green egg this year though.
Since Easter was the same weekend as conference, we didn't get dressed up on Easter - but here is Abby in her Easter dress the next weekend. Grandma Gilmore sent us this dress along with two of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen for the twins. I am saving their dresses for this summer (hopefully they will be walking then and not pull out the seams crawling like they seem to be doing with quite a few dresses right now) - so look for those dresses around their birthday. Abby calls this her "princess dress" and I have to hide it during the week so it doesn't become a dress-up. These pictures don't do it justice - it is a pretty pale pink - Abby loves to twirl in it - those pictures turned out to blurry to post though
Here is our princess in her "princess dress".

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Michele Alger said...

She does look like a princess!! She is SO adorable and that dress just adds to her naturally beautiful self. I love her hair!