Thursday, April 8, 2010

Disclaimer - This post may contain bragging!

After passing Advanced Calculus last semester - I thought that all other classes would be downhill. Algebra doesn't sound nearly as scary as calculus right? Wrong - Abstract Algebra is tough (and a lot more abstract than I think algebra should be) - but, after much study and work (and neglecting housework/laundry) - I am happy to report that I aced the second test (got a B- on the first one - don't tell my mom, she still frowns when I tell her I got anything less than an A). I thought that I would post my test(s) here, sorry for the bragging - but I have worked hard for this.
Our tests in this class consist of two parts - the in-class portion (above) and then a take-home due two days later (and tons harder). My take-home is below - and as much as I wish that I got 36/10 - it is a mistake and supposed to be 36/40 (which I will still take). Over all I got 94.5% on the test!!!!!
As hard as the class is - it is actually one of my favorites - I am starting to catch on to the abstract way of thinking. We took another test last week - she hasn't graded it yet, but I felt good about that test too. Finals are in two weeks - I am sooooooooo excited! I can't wait for summer - NO MORE SCHOOL for 4 whole months. I am doing the "block" this fall (consists of teaching classes/practicum stuff) and then I will student teach next spring. As anxious as I was (and still am - kindof) to be done with the school stuff - I have actually liked being a student - I might even miss it - well, maybe not homework, but I will miss going to the classes.


The Hojnackes said...

I'm glad to hear you are doing well in school!

Michele Alger said...

Are you KIDDING?! You are SO at liberty to brag!! That is amazingly hard and you have done an excellent job! You are such an incredible inspiration. I love the stickers you get on your test fun, lol! Keep it up! You are awesome!!!

Brittany said...

You ROCK, I hate math! I took the same algebra class I took in high school, at PCC 6 times, ugh.