Monday, June 28, 2010

The tradition lives on

Growing up, it was not uncommon for our Family Home Evening "activity" to be weeding a garden or a flower bed (in fact, if you talk to Caleb, he would tell you it was more uncommon to not have weeding part of FHE). I have decided that it is time that tradition continues in my family (anyone who has seen our yard lately would definately agree). We started off with a lesson on service and then proceeded out to the back yard for our first "service project" (can you call it a "service project" if the kids are serving their mom?). Here are a couple of the "before" photo's - it was pretty bad!

Ethan and his "prize" weed - those roots were deep!!!

Miles is shaping up to be a pretty good little worker - he also mowed the lawn for me today. He even started the mower all by himself - I had told him to go outside and wait for me to come get him started, but when I finally made it outside he had half the lawn already done.

We found plenty of "crawly" things in the weeds. I was the only one who ended up with red ant bites though (I made the kids put on shoes and socks and wear gloves - I just didn't want to take the time to do that myself though and I am now paying for that decision.). There were some area's of the weeds that I need to spray before we can get the weeds without ending up with insects all over us. Here are some regular ants we found - I am itching just looking at the picture.

I wanted the "after" picture to look dramatically different - so I am a bit disappointed - but we all worked hard for a solid hour and this is what we accomplished. We actually filled up the entire garbage can and the pile in the middle of the path here is all garbage too - we just need to load it up and take it up to one of the garbage's at my parents rentals. We just might have the yard looking nice after a few more Family Home Evening's.

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