Saturday, June 12, 2010


My dad took the boys fishing Thursday - I got a picture of them as they were leaving. Miles got a new fishing pole for his birthday and was excited to try it out. They each caught 2-3 fish (pretty good for only a couple hours at the lake). As soon as they got home, Ethan went up to Grandpa's to clean the fish - YUCK!!! He also proudly helped grandpa cook the fish later that night and came in very excited to tell me that fish eyes turn completely white when they are cooked (my dad did a "pre-cook" of the fish before he took the bones out - we did NOT eat fish with their heads still attached). I took a picture of Ethan and the fish he cooked, but it somehow got deleted - I am sad. Here are some other pictures though - Ethan got out his "fishing hat" that morning to wear, but it was too tight. He tried it on a baby though and it fit just right - it was so cute that I had to get a few pictures with hats and the twins. I could not get a picture of both of the twins in hats - I promise it is harder than it looks.

Here is Paige

and Piper

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