Friday, June 4, 2010

Caleb's home!!!

Caleb came home Tuesday - we were all excited to have him back. The kids and I decorated my parents lawn with a few signs - as I was staking them in the ground Miles noticed that it read "COME HOME CALEB". The kids thought it was funny and so we took a few pictures, however, I forgot to take a picture when we finished the signs - it really read - "WELCOME HOME CALEB".
We met him at the airport that night - Paige is missing from this picture (I don't wake up sleeping babies even to see Uncle Caleb's airplane land). Caleb was an incredible missionary - he is a great example to all of us. We love you "Uncle Caleb" and are glad you are home (especially Abby - she asks to go play with "Aunt Caleb" at least once a day - I will correct her soon on the gender differences between aunts and uncles - but it is too fun to laugh at right now).

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