Saturday, June 5, 2010

"My kids will never..."

We went to the park yesterday - at 10:00 in the morning. By that time I had already practiced the piano with two boys, taken one to swim team (and picked him up), got breakfast for all 5 kids, bathed two babies, watered the lawn and put a load of clothes in to wash. As I pulled up to the park, I noticed what I had NOT done - get Abby ready for the day. I was not about to go back home however - so yes, she went out in public looking like this.
To my credit, the dress is clean, although it is a couple sizes too small (she is going through as stage right now where she will only wear dresses). Her hair is still half braided from the swimming pool visit the day before and her legs are showing off her artistic work from that morning. Now for the shoes - for some reason, Abby opts to wear two different shoes even when she can find matching shoes, so it is not too uncommon to see a style like this on her (in fact, I was lucky this day that the shoes were on the right feet). A few years ago I would have sworn that my kids would never go out in public looking like this - I guess I will have to eat those words:)


Christelle said...

She still looks adorable :)

Jennifer Small said...

I understand. Chandler was always dressed down to matching socks and shoes. Now Addy wears about anything from the dress up bin to the grocery store. I rarely decide to fight it anymore.

jim said...
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