Thursday, June 17, 2010

Piper is walking

Today the twins are 11 months old - crazy how fast this past year has gone. Piper has been attempting to walk for the last couple of weeks - I caught a couple of these attempts on the camera. Paige is right behind her - she is a little more cautious than her sister - where Piper just lunges and then tries to keep up with her legs, Paige tries to get perfect balance before she moves her legs. Here are the video's - in the second video it looks like Piper is trying to choke on one of the kids dental floss tubes - she didn't though. I just had to give her something to hold to distract her so I could get back to take the video - and of course anything that is in her hands goes straight into the mouth. Enjoy!!!

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Christelle said...

They are so cute. I would love to see you guys in person and not just through blog posts :(