Sunday, June 20, 2010

"For Dad"

The kids drew Father's Day cards for their dad - and of course, they have not been mailed yet, so I wanted to post them here so Frank can see that they are remembering him especially today. Here is Miles (notice the Oregon Duck attire - I wouldn't let him wear his Duck jersey in the picture so he drew both him and Frank in Oregon jersey's) with his card.
Ethan likes to play tennis with his dad!
Abby loves to color - she is only allowed to use colored pencils at the present however.
Now for the REAL present - the boys spent a whole day writing their dad this song - Miles was in charge of the lyrics and Ethan composed the music. The boys even came up with a name for their song - "For Dad" - I know, very original. They tried to teach it to Abby (oh, and I am sorry about her hair, hadn't quite got it done yet when we shot the video) - she liked to sing the chorus. It is quite hard to get 5 kids to cooperate at the same time - so here is the best video we could get (ignore the little pause in the middle of the song) - Happy Father's Day Frank - the kids sure love you!

Here is a copy of the music - we will send it to you with the pictures as well.

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