Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Pool Party!!!

We had Miles's birthday party last Saturday - it might have been a turning point in my life. It used to be that I would spend DAYS planning and baking and shopping and cleaning for one of the kids birthday parties. Not this time - I CHEATED, and we had the party at the swimming pool. Guess what - it was a huge hit - Miles claimed it was the funnest party EVER! I also need to brag that I got a huge deal on the price (it is the same pool that I grew up in - and my coach/boss is still in charge) - and then to top it off, Frank came that weekend and he ended up paying for it. Here are some of the highlights - we delivered the invitations wrapped around diving sticks.
The hydrotube was open - I honestly think it was in answer to my prayers. The slide had been broken, then the water was too cold, etc., but Saturday they finally had it ready to go! All the kids had a blast on the hydrotube - they had already taken the cover off for summer though, so it was pretty cold when they hit the Cedar City wind. Here is Miles - he had pretty good balance - I couldn't do that.
Miles also figured out how to do a flip without smacking his back at the party - I couldn't figure out how to get a good picture however.

Here are some of the "party-goers". It was cold water, so a few got out of the water and spent the rest of the party squirting water at those in the pool. Miles had a great turnout - 10 out of the 13 kids we invited were there - lots better that last year (3 out of 9).
I didn't dare light candles inside so Miles "pretended" to blow out his fingers - yep, he still blew germs all over the cupcakes.
This is what you get when you get more than one 9 year old boy together - they all try to stuff the whole cupcake in their mouth. Guess who got to clean up all the crumbs - me.
I found the beach balls at the dollar store and used them as the party favors.
And I forgot to mention - Miles scored in the present department. The kids were very generous. Most of them knew how much Miles likes Legos - so he had quite a few Legos to put together. True to form, Miles had all the Legos done that night - here are most of them.
It was a lot of fun and so easy that I felt guilty becasue I hadn't spent more time on the party. I am not sure if we will have many more "home" parties because of the success of this one.


Jenny said...

I'm impressed! I always offer my kids money to not have a party. They almost always take the money and buy themselves something fun. I save time and money because I offer just a bit less than I figure it costs to throw a party. You're a great mom! I am the lazy mom.

Brittany said...

That's not cheating, that's smart woman!

Sara said...

I cheated too for Pierce's last birthday and it was so nice!! The kids had a blast at Splash! and I didn't have to clean our teeny tiny house. Happy (late) birthday to Miles!