Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Hole in the Head" Gilmore

Ethan gave himself a nickname last week - he told Miles and me that we could just call him "Hole in the Head" Gilmore. We had been down in St. George watching Courtnie's soccer game - he was under the bleachers playing and fell. I heard the crying before I saw him and knew it was a "real" cry - so I quickly handed over two babies and ran to find him. I am not really good with blood and was grateful that my dad was there to help calm Ethan (and me) down. He has two pretty good sized holes in his head - I don't think they were quite big enough for stitches, but it was quite tramatic for Ethan (and me). When we got home, I threw him in the tub to soak his head so I could see the injury - his hair was caked with blood making it hard to see. I had to trim his hair and then cleaned the cut and put neosporin on it - it sounds so easy now, but I had to bite back the urge to call in backup every step of the way. These are some of the times when I hate being the only adult in the house - I always seem to second guess myself. On that note - Piper had a temperature of 104 + this week - I had her into the doctor on Monday and they couldn't find anything wrong - well, after 4 sleepless nights (and I really mean sleepless) the fever broke and she broke out in a rash - turns out it is what they call roseola (related to the measles) and she is now just fine - the rash only lasted for 6 hours. Kids are all healthy now though - and I am grateful, I need a break from worrying. Ethan had me take pictures of his head so he could see the injury - he also requested that I share them with the blog - so here is a shot of "Hole in the Head" Gilmore.


msfive said...

Heidi, you are an amazing mom. Hang it there. If the wind ever stops we will have to have a park day.

Brittany said...

Oh Heidi! Stop! You're an amazing mother! And 5 kids all by yourself is a lot to manage, I don't know how you do it! Don't second guess yourself, you're great =)

Michele Alger said...

Yuck! I know what you mean by being the only adult in the house. Some things are SO tough to do on your own. The advantage I have is that it isn't all the time. Lately it has been a lot though with all the traveling Steve does. You are doing incredibly well. Keep up the fantastic job you're doing!