Saturday, May 15, 2010


Most of my accomplishments this year can't really be seen or measured - most days I call a success if my kids have eaten 3 good meals (well - the twins eat a lot more than 3 times a day, and yes, ramen noodles count as a good meal) and have started the day in clean clothes. And although I know that is important to spend time helping children practice the piano, do their homework, get to their scout meeting, swim team, etc., I don't have much to show at the end of the day for any of that (well, maybe happy, exhausted kids). So I have been so excited to be done with school and use some of that homework time to make something that I can show for all my efforts. Here is the first of what I hope will be more projects - I found the cutest pillowcases that were hand tatted and thought they would make such cute pillowcase dresses. Originally I had the twins in mind but when I saw how long they were, I figured Abby could wear them too. I did make two of them and they were soooooo easy and turned out quite cute I did think. Well, Abby thought it was cute too.....
...that is until she realized that it was Sunday and I wanted her to wear it to church. Turns out that she will now only wear the "princess dress" to church - if you haven't been following the posts, that is the easter dress that Grandma Gilmore sent her. It is a beautiful dress, but I am worried that our ward might start to feel sorry for us because they think that Abby only has one dress to wear on Sunday. I thought I would include the picture below of Abby pouting because I really tried to talk her into wearing the dress I made - I mean it was Mother's Day and all. Abby is just as stubborn (maybe even more so) than I am though, and so for the sake of my happiness, I helped her change into the princess dress. So this blog might be the only time you see this dress (unless you wait a few more years for the twins to fit into them).
Since I am posting about the "princess dress", I thought I would include this picture. I mentioned earlier how I found I needed to put the dress up during the week so it didn't get used as a dress up. Well, this is what happens when I put away the dress while Abby is watching me - I found it Sunday night as I was tucking her into bed - the picture isn't great, but it shows how much she loves that dress.
There are more days than not that I am not sure what to do with this child!!!!

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Michele Alger said...

I think it must be 3rd child syndrome that a child is this mischevious. I was this way, my son Jeremy is this way, your daughter is this way...I'm going to have to explore that more!LOL I love the idea of the pillow case dress. How ADORABLE! Way to go Heidi, know that you are not alone!