Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Golf Anyone?

These aren't great pictures - I was in a rush to get back inside to a crying baby, but I wanted to show all of our Reno friends what we are doing in our backyard this summer. When we bought our house in Reno (Sparks technically) the backyard was not finished - the boys (whom I might add, had lived in apartments their entire lives) loved digging in the dirt - in fact, all the boys and some of the girls in the neighborhood would love to come over and work in the "construction site". They would design rivers, bridges, huts, you name it - and the great thing was that the backyard looked completely different from one day to the next. Well - here we have a lawn and somewhat landscaped yard so they cannot dig, however there is a huge pile of odds and ends on the side of the house that the kids have put to good use. They have decided to build a minature golf course this summer, and the course changes daily. Here are some pictures - it really is quite ingenious - half of me is proud of their creative sides while the other half is annoyed that I am constantly picking up the backyard. It takes me longer to put their "golf course" away then it does to mow the lawn.
These pictures don't really do it justice - I don't know if you can see all the materials they used, but there were old rain gutters, cinder blocks, an old table, part of a shelving system, 2X4's, plywood pieces, tubing and an old bicycle pump.

Speaking of golf - the kids want to wish Aunt Courtnie good luck - she is on her way to up to state golf tomorrow - Go Courtnie!!!!

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Nathan and Justine said...

I love the mini golf course! Maybe the boys should teach me how to golf (since you're not supposed to learn from your spouse). But this is so creative! I love seeing kids who are creative!!! That doesn't always happen now days!