Saturday, May 29, 2010

First Day of Summer (kinda)

I know it is technically not summer, but after missing last summer due to either being hugely pregnant or having two newborns - I was just as excited as the kids for the last day of school yesterday. We celebrated by inviting ourselves along on Michael and Elsa's trip to Sand Hollow. We had a blast - the babies loved it, Piper instantly took to the water and sand. She walked up and down the beach (with mom's help).
Paige wasn't so sure about the water and she took a lot longer to warm up to the sand - but she loved the "picnic food". She also loves feeding herself - as you can tell from this picture.
This was such a cute picture of Piper - I had to put it in.
And this is why you don't take 10 month olds to the "beach" - Paige just managed to sneak a whole fistful of sand into her mouth - YUM. I think I have a picture of Abby doing that when she was about their age at Lake Tahoe (Frank, if you read this, can you look for any pictures from summer of 2007 - I am missing a whole year of pictures).
Abby loves Aunt Elsa - and Elsa is so cute with Abby. Thanks Elsa for not getting annoyed by the 3 year old who follows you everywhere!
Abby also loves Uncle Michael - she did not want to get left behind today when Michael went swimming so she put on her life jacket to go with him - as soon as she got deep enough that she started floating she decided that it wasn't worth it though and came back to play with me.
Ethan loves the lake - but not for the swimming. Her prefers his hair to stay dry. The boys had fun playing frisbee with Michael.
Ethan has always loved to dig in the sand - here he is in his "hot tub". The water really was 10 degrees warmer in the "hot tub" - but it was a good thing his swim trunks were already orangish red.
Miles loves the water - and the cold factor doesn't seem to stop him. I got in later and had a hard time putting my face under the water (it reminded me of a triathalon I did once in high school, where I swam backstroke the whole time because I couldn't breathe if I tried freestyle). I was sure glad we were with my brother this trip - Miles decided to swim to the "island" - (a bunch of rocks 1/4 mile away) and got frustrated waiting for someone to go with him so he just took off himself. I didn't realize he was gone until he was almost across (he did have his lifejacket on). Michael went over and got him (and I saw Michael doing backstroke too - I tell you, it was cold water) and even climbed around on the rocks with Miles before bringing him back. Miles was welcomed back by being reminded of the rule that we always swim with a buddy - it is not nice to make your mom panic (I was actually more nervous of him falling off the rocks then swimming - but still ....).
Miles begged me to take a video of him swimming - so here it is. He is turning out to be a pretty good swimmer - ENJOY!


Jennifer Small said...

Of course he is a good swimmer. I wouldn't expect anything different.

msfive said...

Looks like fun! I am going to have to take my crew. Love the shots of the twins.

Brittany said...

The twins are getting so big! I can tell them apart now haha. So are the boys! They're still the most handsome little boys I know =) I wonder they remember me at all? they were so little, and it was so long ago!