Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Primary Children's Hospital called this afternoon and scheduled an appointment for us tomorrow at 12:00. So - the twins and I are going to SLC tomorrow morning along with both of my parents. I am so grateful that they would both drop all of their commitments and come - I was just as nervous about going to the appointment alone as I was driving up there with the minimal sleep that I have gotten lately. I have debated about Abby - but decided to leave her here with my sister - I am not sure whether I am just going up for a consult or if we are staying up there. The lady who made the appointment couldn't give us much information about anything. The boys are also staying here too - they are boucing around all day between my brother Caleb, school, their friends and Brittnie. I am finding how extremely blessed I am right now - I have INCREDIBLE family and friends that would do anything for us both here in Cedar and up in SLC. Frank's family has been great too - they have offered any help that we need - whether it be a place to sleep, someone to watch other kids while I am with Paige, prayers - or even to come with me to appointments. I am grateful for their support during this - even though I am not technically family anymore - they still treat me as if I am. I am taking my computer and will try to post when I kow more and get a chance - thanks again for all the prayers (and dinner - and cookies - and watching my kids - and mowing my lawn - etc...) - I have the best support system in the whole world!!!


Autumn said...

Okay I have to confess I have been blog snooping on you for a while... because I love your family. I am so sorry for this trial in your life right now! I can say from experiance Primary Childrens Hospital is AMAZING! My faith has grown miles in that building. You are in GOOD hands! I will be praying for your little lady! And even more for you! Please call if you need ANYTHING, even if it's just to cry for a bit. You are an inspiration to me!

destiny said...

Good luck Heidi! I hope you will get the info you need to help sweet little Paige. I wish I lived in Cedar so I could help with your kids. Please keep us posted. We love you guys!

Jennifer said...

Good luck today! I will keep you in my prayers. I am only an hour away from Primary Children's and can be there quickly if you need anything.