Saturday, November 6, 2010


There is a tree in my parent's backyard that has the best leaves for jumping into. Not only is the tree huge (so there are LOTS of leaves), but the leaves are huge (so they are easy to rake up). It was a bit windy today so the grandkids gathered at grandma's and grandpa's this afternoon for some fun in the leaves. The kids were bored with the traditional run and jump in the pile of leaves activity - so they got creative and piled them up right next to the trampoline. This is the only picture I got that had Ethan's head in it - he kept jumping higher than I thought he would and then I would snap the picture too soon and only have his legs.
Abby was the first one off the trampoline and into the leaves. She also holds the record for the most times off the trampoline - she had a great time.
Yes - if you were wondering if Miles really landed on his stomach - the answer is yes. But, the kid learns fast - he only did it once (one of these days he might learn to listen to his mom, who had just warned him that there was still hard ground under the leaves). Miles was the best at raking the leaves and running the leaf blower though - he can be a good worker when he thinks it is fun.
Paige wasn't too sure about the leaves - I would try to set her down to play in them and she would immediately hold her hands up to be picked up. She loved watching the other kids though.
Piper liked the leaves - she also thought she should be allowed to jump off the trampoline into the leaves. I caught her twice as she tried to run off the trampoline like the big kids.
I love fall (especially when it is still 70 degrees outside)!

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susieq said...

Glad today was fun. You all need more days like this! We keep praying for you and await whatever else you would have us do!


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