Thursday, November 4, 2010

Back to the "daily grind"

I thought it best (for both myself and the other kids) - that we get back to "normal" life. When I am busy, I have less time to worry about things. So this morning I left the girls with my parents while I went into the middle school for my practicum class. The teacher I am assigned to has been great - he lets me come whenever I can - so I gave him about 30 minutes warning and showed up. We had a "normal" afternoon with just the girls - we had lunch, they played (while I did a load of laundry, some dishes and TRIED to pick up after them - notice that TRIED is the keyword there - but that is also completely normal) and we ran a few errands before the boys were out of school. I left all 5 kids with my parents again for an hour while I went to a study session for the exit exam. I came back to get them and my mom had made dinner for all of us - Thank You Mom! I love not having to do dishes at night (or not having to feel guilty about not doing the dishes at night). We came home and got the girls bathed and the boys homework and practicing done (one of these days I might be able to add the word "happily" after the boys practicing done part - maybe?), and tucked 5 kids into bed after prayers and a story.
There were a few things that were not so normal today. I tried to hug Paige as often as I could - most of the time she didn't want to be held though, she would much rather climb on the table or hide in the cupboards. Piper would waddle over for a hug everytime she saw me try to pick up Paige though - so between the two of them, I got lots of great hugs today. Another very odd occurance - I kept my cell phone in my pocket the entire day. I know - amazing - I have never been a big fan of cell phones and even if I remember to take it with me when I leave the house, I usually leave it in the car. No call from doctors though - well, actually - our family doctor called to check on us this evening - he has been incredible, and he does call every night to see how things are going. But no call from Primary Children's Hospital doctors - I wasn't expecting a call so soon, but I was still half hoping to hear from them - maybe tomorrow.
It felt kind of funny to have such a "normal" day when things are so "not normal" right now. I felt guilty leaving Paige at all today (the other girls too for that matter) - even though I kept telling myself that most of the time she would be napping. Half of me wishes that I didn't have to worry about my school right now, but half of me is glad that there is something to keep me a bit distracted with. I still get scared about things at times, but I am continually amazed at how quickly the peace will return when I ask for it. I know my Heavenly Father loves me!
I have seen more miracles in my life today - I am constantly amazed at how kind people are. Thank you to those who have helped us - I hesitate to name names and even deeds, but I hope you know how much I appreciate the help. I don't want to sound redundant - and I know that I say this almost every post, but thank you all for your prayers.


Jennifer said...

You are amazing! I love you so much. I am so glad that you are feeling the comfort of the Holy Ghost and recognizing God's love. He is always there.

Celeste said...

We love you and are thinking of you guys! Wish we were closer to be of assistance.

Autumn said...

Without a doubt you are on my top 10 most AMAZING people list! I admire your ongoing FAITH and COURAGE!