Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Miles visit to the E.R. (Take 2)

This morning I was at Cedar Middle School observing for my practicum. I got done about 11:00 and stopped at my parents to pick up the girls. Since the babies were still asleep, I ended up staying for a bit longer. The phone rang and I was closest - I picked it up and saw that it was the elementary. My mother's intuition knew something was wrong immediately - so before I even heard what had happened I had my keys in my hand and was heading out the door. Miles had split his head open on the playground. By the time I got there the bleeding had almost stopped, but I knew it had bled alot just from the amount of blood on his clothes. He had quite the gash in his head - my very favorite kind - where you can see lots of tissue. He was nausious and very wobbly - but I got him loaded in the car and stopped back at my mom's to make sure she could watch all the girls for a bit longer (including a girl that I am babysitting - my mom is an angel). I called the doctor and they said to take him to urgent care - we went out to urgent care and they sent us to the emergency room (saying that he might need a cat scan because he had been knocked out as well - nothing like a drive clear across town praying desperately that my child doesn't have any brain damage). We got all checked in to the E.R. and the doctor was great - he wasn't worried at all about brain damage - he didn't even think Miles had a concussion - I can't even tell you the relief I felt. Miles has 4 staples in his head to show off now - the doctor didn't even shave his head or anything.
Miles felt great after we left the hospital - he was begging to go back to school. He had been quite upset earlier because he thought he would miss giving his county report (not only that, but another of the kids giving his county report had brought beef jerky to share for his report and Miles was so upset that he might miss the beef jerky). So I picked up the girls from my parent's, fed the kid and walked him back to school. We are all fine here now - and I want to thank all the friends that have called tonight to check on him - I think he caused quite a commotion during lunch recess - all the kids had gone home and told their parents. I don't know quite what to do with this child - this is the 2nd E.R. visit in 2 months - I did tell him that for every accident involving stitches, broken bones, etc. - it means an extra year before he can play tackle football (we are up to 7th grade now).

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